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Sexual assault cases

The old phrase “boys will be boys” has taken on a new meaning with the onslaught of sexual assault cases in 2017. From Hollywood to Washington to the church to classrooms, and Fox to PBS, there is no hiding the inappropriate behavior of our leaders and idols. When it starts at the top, it is […]

Civil War

I am not a political junkie, nor am I one to blame others for their actions. They are who they are and they do what they do, often without the same rules as I live by. It is apparent, however, that the United States is in a civil war.  Friends against friends, family members against […]

Thank You

Thank you all for supporting this site and sharing your comments. And thanks to all who have supported the Red Cross and other agencies that are helping the victims of the hurricanes. Yes, it is not front page news, but it is still going on in full force. Remember how it touches your heart to […]


It is vital that we, as a united people, realize the importance of keeping our own protected. The “Dreamers”, have nothing to do with illegal immigration as the President himself acknowledged on Sept 13th, 2017. This is a non-negotiable ideal. No taxes, wall, or any other leverage should interfere with this decision. It is morally […]


Please do what you can for the folks in the southwest and east. Living in FL, I know how hard it is to get supplies and power to all here. Houston is still reeling and our gov’t does not have the means to help all. Anything to the Red Cross or other charity of your […]

Immigration and Deportation

I have a few friends who, being immigrants, know a little about immigration. None of which are against keeping bad people out of the country. Our former president (Barack Obama) deported more illegals than any other president, albeit quietly and without fanfare. It reflects what Teddy Roosevelt once said: “Speak softly, but carry a big […]

I Wander as I Ponder

The years go by and e’er I’ve pondered what is beyond. Dark, light, joy, abyss… but how and why? I know not where I go, tossed so in waves too high sometimes for my eyes or wit. I am not fit to stretch a truth a sleuth errs to find. I’ll wander as I ponder […]

The Dream

Those of you who have taken Huna Healing workshops, read my book on the philosophy and practice, or have received audio and video tapes from us, have undoubtably heard about the four realms of reality and how, on one level, the world can be viewed as a dream. The concept is simple. As you change […]


For most people that I meet for the very first time, invariably the question arises: “What IS Huna?” Until now, I have usually gone into a lengthy discourse on Hawaiian healing, the Huna kupua views of reality, and how one can effectively use the powers of the mind and the forces of Nature to effect […]

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