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Healing with the Mind

Mahalo for your interest in healing others and yourself! This course is dedicated to developing your innate abilities to change your physical and mental outlook of life for higher health and harmony.

Long before the “New Age” health movement and Western psychological studies, there were healers who never used scalpels or “scientific” methods for curing disease. They understood the forces of Nature and the powers of the mind and how many symptoms could be affected by repatterning the thoughts of an individual.

The system used in this course is based on the Hawaiian knowledge of Huna. The principles are pragmatic and easy to learn, but their effectiveness requires focus, confidence and persistence. Much as a musician must practice with an instrument to create the desired sound, so you will need to practice these techniques with your mind to create the desired change.



Our course begins with a fresh look at who we are, how we think and why we act as we do. It delves into four aspects of our being, their functions and their effects on our waking “reality.” Although we know that all of these are just parts of our whole being, sometimes separation is convenient for understanding. Thus, we divide the realms into active, creative, directive and confident roles.

We are all born with these gifts. When we learn to walk, for example, we use the directive part of our mind to tell the active part to take a step. Through repetition the active mind develops a working sequence effective to that end. This activates the confidence in its procedure, resulting in the creation of our ability to walk. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

It is so simple that it also brings the development of other patterns of behavior that we do not want, such as anger, doubt and fear as well as unwanted habits. These “conditioned” responses are based on rules that we have made about life. Some are very fundamental and were adopted at an early age. Since we adoted them into our belief systems, we can also change them.

Healing With The Mind will give you the tools to do just that and much more. It will also give you a map of your body and shows how it is reflecting the beliefs of your mind this very moment. It has 8 hours of audio information and a quick reference book  to give you all you need to be on the road to a healthy mind-body-spirit relationship.

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