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Dear Paul,

Your advice is what I used to teach.  Bless you for reminding me, bringing a tear to my eye, and for your help. I'll be talking to you again, I hope, with good news.

Sincere thanks,

Salem December 29, 2016

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Dear Paul,

You've really been on our minds lately. We've had a very busy and successful year. I know we sent a "thank you" for You Come First last year, but we just had to send another one. This, along with all the books and tapes from Huna By Mail has really been a source of growth and blessing in our lives.

We'd love to get a chance to meet you. Thanks.

Lisa & Galen, North Carolina

Lisa & Galen North Carolina December 29, 2016

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Dearest Paul,

HI 🙂 Aloha! My name is Deona and I'm currently listening to tape #2 in the You Come First series!~ it's wonderful, today I listened to both sides of tape 2 while driving to Chicago to have lunch with Gary Zukov (nat’l. best selling author of "Seat of the Soul") who I am blessed to have had lunch with & played my Harp for! What a day! Your thoughts are wonderful & I am applying it to my life as I go 🙂

I will be in touch!

Love & light & hugs,
Deona P.

Deona P. December 29, 2016

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Dear Paul,

I have listened to your course "You Come First" many times, and I want to commend you for your insight and practical approach. Your course is extremely empowering. I love listening to it over and over because you have such a clear understanding of how simple life can be when you follow the Huna Principles. Your exercises are fun and easy to do. You Come First is a wonderful course!

There are so many ways we can have power over our lives, but we often get caught up on life's little problems. Huna allows us to see the big picture, and your tapes give us the daily tools to enhance our confidence. With confidence, focus, and love, we can accomplish anything. E Aloha, Mana, Pono!

I enjoyed your weekly healing circles when I was in Kauai. I wish I could be there permanently. I am working on it and believe it will happen before very long. I love Kauai, and I love Aloha International. Say Hi to the gang for me and please include my name in the healing basket. The rose quartz stones were the ones I chose each week, so please choose them for me. I could use some healing energy right about now.

Aloha and Mahalo,

Bobbie Kalman December 29, 2016

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Dear Paul,

Thank you for writing your book. Very fulfilling. I am only half way through it as I keep reading and re-reading what I have already read.

You mentioned a process of soul retrieval (sp), Can that be done at a distance or would I need to come to Hawaii?

Look forward to hearing from you, also what course you recommend I start with....?

I was a missionary with my wife for 25 years, and lived in China for several years.

I have since left membership in my church and am in a search mode....Huna is my love as I keep returning to it.

Take good care...Aloha...
Chris LaPrath

Chris LaPrath December 29, 2016

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Aloha Paul!

Many thanks for getting your book to me so quickly. I'm really enjoying it. I like your clear explanation of Huna concepts and am having fun trying your techniques. I will definitely recommend this book to others.

Tery Drevik

Tery Drevik December 29, 2016

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Thank you, Paul.

It will be such a treat to receive "The Aloha Spirit".

Your site is wonderful.  I discovered it the other day and simply had to print out the entire section on the Principles of Huna.  The ideas and guidelines are so powerful and really ring true for me.

Thank you for creating such a site!  It has started me on my path of
studying and beginning to live Huna.

TR Loftin

TR Loftin December 29, 2016

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Look forward to interacting with you in the future. I am very excited to start my Huna journey under such excellent guidance!

Warm regards,

Johan December 29, 2016

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Dear Paul,

Your personal story regarding the power of huna and the power of the
mind is very inspiring. Right now I'm facing a few challenges in my personal
life that I am determined to find solutions for by using huna power.
I've read most of Max Freedom Long's books, and your web site is beautiful. I'm certain many people have been inspired by your own personal success story.
Keep up the good work.....
Patricia Nolan Stein
Burbank, California

Patricia Nolan Stein Burbank, California December 29, 2016

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Aloha to all:

There are many gleaming facets to Paul Waters but the one that fascinates me is his devotion to, and sharing of Huna, the ancient Hawaiian philosophy for living.

This gifted healer has been interested in spirituality in all forms since his teens. It was no accident, he will tell you, that he discovered and embraced Huna. Indeed, after attending workshops in Hawaii and being taught by Serge Kahili King, Ph.D., Huna became his life’s work.

And so we find, all in one personality, a Reiki master, reflexologist, Hawaiian lomi-lomi massage practitioner, ordained minister, counselor and author of A Huna Guide to the Pendulum and The Adventurer's Quest: Discovering the Inner Powers of Hawaiian Healing.

Because so little has been written and been distributed about the remarkable benefits of Huna, Paul Waters founded Huna by Mail, an outlet for Huna homestudy, worldwide. So far over 10,000 people have been introduced to its healing techniques through Paul’s catalog of over 100 audio/video courses and books.

The spiritual teachings of Huna kupua are incredibly profound and can heighten performance for anyone in any walk of life", writes Mr. Waters. And that is the reason why the dissemination of Huna understanding is the love of his life.

And that is the reason I suggest you contact Paul Waters at Aloha International on the island of Kauai. Some years ago, I discovered Huna to be an eye-opening and provocative means to work with the forces of nature. So will you!

Richard Fuller

Senior Editor

Metaphysical Reviews

Richard Fuller Senior Editor - Metaphysical Reviews December 29, 2016

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Dear Paul,
I've been interested in Huna for years (I bought a lot of items from your
site)  and your book is absolutely original, deep, passionate, effective and

It's a sin that in Italy publishing houses active in alternative
philosophies are rare and small, but I think you should try to sell The
Adventurer's Quest here - perhaps Il Punto d'Incontro... could be interested in it.

Anyway I'll see myself if I can find some good publisher for you (I'm a
translator and a reader for some important publishing houses).

By the way, if you'll ever neeed or want some Italian translation (perhaps
of parts of your beautiful site), I'd be happy to help you - for free, of
course! Your book just paid me one million spiritual dollars. And, perhaps
you heard it, Italian Lira isn't going very well these days...

With love and appreciation,

Maura December 29, 2016

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