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Huna, Hawaiian Lore, and Today with Paul Waters

What is Huna?

This generation has seen many theories and systems for healing outside of conventional means. From Andrew Weil to Deepak Chopra- and the new century has brought many others- even more ideas are being embraced that effectively complement orthodox medicine. . Over a millennium ago, however, Huna and other “innovative” concepts were being practiced in Polynesia and elsewhere.

Huna, in Hawaiian, means “secret”. It is not the kind of secret that you would keep from another, but an inner knowledge of healing and harmony handed down through centuries by kalakupua, la’au lapa’au and other masters of Polynesia. They understood how forces of Nature and the powers of the mind create positive changes. Modernized by Serge Kahili King and others, the kupua, or psychological school of Huna, has been modified into a pragmatic philosophy based on 7 principles and their corollaries, a virtual blueprint for personal transformation and growth. Integrating the Spirit of Aloha, it is the key to attaining true happiness, prosperity, health and success.

Huna is not a religion. Though it is profoundly spiritual in the way its principles reflect the oneness and divinity of all things, it contains no dogma, absolutes or tenets in its teachings. Conversely, its concept of flexibility as a key to effectiveness opens unlimited possibilities for healing relationships. A counselor or teacher of this practice is always aware of this infinity and guides the student to loving means for harmony with self and environment.

Healing occurs when conflicts and stress are minimized and love is restored. The master works solely with the beliefs of the individual bringing any resistances to the person’s attention and allowing choices for a more desired state of being to be chosen. Since all of life can be viewed as a dream, the dedicated change of the individual from within along with the guidance of the Huna master creates an intent that subtly influences both energetic and physical planes. Effects are usually felt immediately and repetition of any technique brings more permanent changes.

There are many ways to heal and many schools to learn from, but Huna recognizes the essence that is in all of us and, profoundly within its philosophy, that which binds the universe.

After all these thousands of years, how is it still effective today? Seek and ye shall find; knock and the door shall be opened to you. Unlock your mind and the infinite awaits.

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