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Principles of Huna: Principle 2 Kala – There are no Limits

Everything is connected; Anything is possible;

Separation is a useful illusion

The Sun sets. For most people that symbolizes the end of another day, chapter of life, or other type of completion. But for the ancient Hawaiians it actually began a new day: the realm of Po, the darkness, the spirit world and the embodiment of creativity. In this state of infinite creativity we realize that there are no limits except those we make for ourselves.

No limits. We hear so often that we live in an infinite universe, but how often have we contemplated just exactly what that means? There are no limits. It goes beyond the farthest star and inside the yet undiscovered components of quarks. We are in a place whose center is everywhere. So our dreams have no boundaries as well. Anything is possible.

We also have no limits to our energy fields. We do not end at our skin. It is not difficult to feel someone’s love or anger from, say, across a room, or even further. Our field of energy extends as far as our focus will take it, but we’ll save that for the next principle. Suffice it to say that we are connected with all things and can at any given moment have communication with them for understanding, enlightenment, healing or any other purpose.

The concept of no limits has been an ancient belief by seers in many cultures, but is now embraced by quantum physicists as well. Scientific hypothesis states that we are connected with all things because everything is energy and we are all made of the same stuff. There is no separation, but different patterns of this energy that make things appear to be separate.

Separation is a useful illusion. You’re probably thinking that this doesn’t make any sense, because your computer is apart from your fingers, which are apart from your chair, which is separate from the floor, etc. And if you look at it from a purely separatist point of view, you have a valid point, indeed. It is very convenient for us to separate objects to rearrange molecular structure to fit our physical needs. That is how we can create our automobiles, dicers, slicers, lights, and all the other useful contraptions in our world. We even separate our fingers from our hands, arms and the rest of the body. Useful for certain reasons, but only separate in our mind’s eye. Think about the connections in the universe, physical and spiritual, that you want to make. Separate your world when you find it useful, but feel your connection with it when you desire its cooperation, love and harmony.

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