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Principles of Huna: Principle 6 Mana -All Power Comes from Within

Everything has power

Power comes from authority


Just as lightning bolts display an inner authority and power of Nature, so man, as being a part of Nature, also has inner power. In this principle it is said that all things have power. Stones have power. Just try to put your hand through one. Plants have power. They can either have nourishing or poisonous effects on their consumers. We have seen the powers of fire, wind, animals and water almost every day. What about the power in ourselves?

All power comes from within. People have no power over you unless you give it to them. This includes your boss, spouse, parents (or children in many cases), or even the President. You have been given at birth an unconditionally loving power called free will. Your right to choose the way you act out your life is what makes you the beautiful individual that you are. What many of us often forget is that we must take responsibility for those decisions. If we choose to live in this country, we also choose to abide by its laws or accept any consequences for transgressions. When we are told to perform certain tasks at work we must accept responsibility for any part not fulfilled as well as praise for a job “well done.”

Let’s take it a step further. No one can make you do anything, nor can they make you sad or angry. You actually choose that action or emotional response based on prior beliefs or attitudes. We have, to a large degree, been brought up in a society of blame. It’s always someone else’s fault. Do you notice a similarity between this way of thinking and the criticism we spoke of in the last principle? The effects are the same. When you lay blame on another, you essentially give your power away and weaken yourself. I teach an entire course on this principle that I call “Steps To Self-Empowerment.” In part, it helps you restore confidence in yourself and learn how to accept responsibility for your actions, with focus on strengthening emotional responses in critical times. Remember that you are the writer, director and actor of your own “movie” of life. Your role is every bit as important as anyone else’s, and your power comes from inner authority and confidence.

Because of our fast-paced, highly socialized society, we often choose to give authority to others. Politicians, teachers, confidantes, superiors and others are a few examples of outside authorities. When you are unhappy with their decisions and actions, remember that it was your decision to give them the power, and take responsibility for your role in the matter. Luckily we usually learn from experience and future disharmonies may be avoided.

To build this inner authority and confidence, practice being confident. Remember a time in your life when you were absolutely sure about something. Perhaps it was the answer to a test question, directions to a friend’s home, or the confidence you have in driving a car. Notice how this makes your body feel. The more you feel confident that you can do something, the easier it will be to do. You may also try visualizing yourself in a certain situation (such as athletes will see themselves winning), and give your body the feeling of a desired result.

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