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Principles of Huna: Principle 7 Pono – Effectiveness is the Measure of Truth

There is always another way to do anything

We know that in the game of chess that there are innumerable ways to move throughout the game. No one, to this day, including computers, has figured all the permutations in a game. How many ways are there to win?

In this philosophy, we say that effectiveness is the measure of truth. In other words, use the means that determine the ends you desire. If you want peace on Earth, use peaceful means to achieve it. If you want to harmonize the relationship with your spouse or significant other, use loving means to produce it.

Does anyone remember the slogan “The war to end all wars?” No, this is not a history test, but it refers to the First World War in 1917. Gee, was it? Who can count all the skirmishes and wars we have had on this planet since that time. You see, if you want a peaceful planet, then peaceful means need to be established. And don’t put the blame on the politicians. (Remember principle 6?) Peace begins in the home, with yourself, your family, your neighbors, your community, and then the election of your officials. Sometimes thinking of how great the world would be in peace is a pretty big step. Currently, a peaceful world takes about 6 billion individual steps. Your peaceful world starts whenever you’re ready with the baby steps blossoming into a fully radiant, loving being.

Now, back to the games.

Sure, I have played chess, but I really like to shoot baskets. I was shooting free throws the other day and in one of those “zen” moments, I began to relate to this principle from what I was doing. Here I was, standing 15 feet away from a little hoop 10 feet in the air, throwing a ball towards it with the perfect trajectory and velocity for it to float through the net. My body assumed a particular stance that gave me confidence, and I had the same four bounces and spinning of the ball before each shot. I realized that I had developed a system for doing this successfully, as the ball went in about 85% of the time.

My system, or “style,” is not the same as Michael Jordan’s (though I have to say I copied some of his technique!), nor is the same as any other successful basketball player. But it is successful. So here we are, millions of basketball players around the world, standing 15 feet from a hoop that is 10 feet in the air, using different body motions to put the ball in the net, and all work! Hmmm…

There is always another way to do anything!

Let’s put this into a healer’s forum. I have studied, and continue to study, different healing modalities. Each and every one has merit, as they all work to varying degrees. Is one better than the other? Try asking a person who stood on his head to relieve hiccups. In healing, as in basketball and hiccups, you use the way that works. No one healing system works for everyone, but each seems to work for some. Millions will be healed this year through the belief in Reiki. Millions will be healed through the belief in surgery. Millions will be healed through belief in lightwork. Millions will be healed through belief in religions. Billions will be healed through their own beliefs. To you healers I ask that you first understand the beliefs of the healee and then work within that framework, for therein lies the key to the healing process. There is always another way to do anything!

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