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Politics and this Site- Paul’s Preference

Thank you all for your comments and submissions. The humor section is great fun and this forum is for a broad range of topics. US Politics is not one of them. I have had to refrain from posting opinions that were biased from one side or another.

In many regards, this country is in a civil war. Neighbor against neighbor, sibling against sibling, parents against children. I am lucky to be able to converse with all sides on issues by repeatedly saying that I know I don’t know. We are fed messages from all media- be it radio, TV, Facebook, or other social media (Twitter, anyone? )- all in the guise of enlightenment. More obviously, it is often used merely to vent and push one persons view over another. True diplomats do not arm any side with rhetoric or verbal ammunition, but always seek common ground. Thus, I have chosen the part of Switzerland on this site, and will always entertain comments and blogs from others without political views.

I respect each and everyone’s right to voice opinions and I often have lively convos, but not here. This site is for helping, healing, sharing constructive works, and laughing. Yes, LAUGHING. If you can’t have fun, don’t go out to play. I reserve my political views for small circles and the voting booth.

I was surprised (not really) that during the Super Bowl, even commercials and the Halftime show were used or attacked by one side or another. Call me crazy, but if I want to sell something, I want to sell it to the ENTIRE audience, not just my party. It seems every word that is said may be construed the way someone’s ears prefer it to be heard. The English language is notorious for being open to multiple interpretations.

I ask that you open your hearts once again and this will open your minds to the limitless horizon of patience, respect and caring for your neighbor that we have held so dear for hundreds of years. Even if you voted for an alien, I will still help you in times of flood or distress. Remember who we are. Firstly we are humans. We gather together, share skills, ideas and ideals together, and work together hand in hand. We trade all of these gifts worldwide.  Let’s start in our own homes and backyards. Love thy neighbor as thyself?

Try it.

Updated: February 22, 2017 — 4:40 pm

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