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The Adventurer’s Quest

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Perhaps the most important book written about Huna kupua– the ancient Polynesian system for health and inner transformation, The Adventurer’s Quest brings your own “hidden” powers for love, health and success to the forefront, combined with a fresh perspective on spirituality that integrates easily to all walks of life.



“Paul Waters now gives multitudes the ability to understand this ancient and yet modern means to find your innate ability to help your self, and others. The Adventurer’s Quest is a must-read for all seeking enlightenment, healing and peace!”- Richard Fuller, Senior Editor- Metaphysical Reviews

Perhaps the most important book written about Huna kupua- the ancient Polynesian system for health and inner transformation, The Adventurer’s Quest brings your own “hidden” powers for love, health and success to the forefront, combined with a fresh perspective on spirituality that integrates easily to all walks of life.

You possess all of these powers, but how can they be developed quickly and simply? Learn to use them for meeting the right mate, finding employment this week that brings both happiness and wealth, or living comfortably where palm trees sway and gentle breezes blow. Practice one-minute techniques for instantly healing illnesses in yourself and others, or discover the spiritual path for deeper understanding of your “role” in the cosmos. The quest is up to you. The paths have now been cleared.

What is the secret? What invaluable keys to self-empowerment have we not seen in this remarkable Age of Information? What is Huna kupua, the mysterious ancient Hawaiian method of healing? Discover how its concepts provide simple and pragmatic solutions to stress, doubt and unhappiness in the 21st century. Hear of the spiritual messages that have been passively handed down through millenniums of civilizations. Learn from one who lives there.

Written by a teacher, minister, counselor and healing arts practitioner, this warm and often witty path to personal awareness and achievement blends spirituality with practicality, allowing you to make positive choices effortlessly, quietly, quickly and effectively.

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The Adventurer’s Quest brings an ancient view of healing inner conflicts to the forefront of the conscious mind. It releases innate powers that all people possess, giving examples and techniques on enhancing these abilities to change one’s old beliefs to a new, more effective means of working with life’s challenges. The quest is to realize that everything is at our fingertips and to find practical ways to get it. Sharing these steps to personal power, love and achievement is your gift from The Adventurer’s Quest.

“It breaks my heart to see so many people suffer from fear, disease and anxiety in this, the greatest time on Earth ” Paul relates, “Using Huna kupua methods, I have seen instant healings of ‘incurable’ diseases and hatred turned into love. I have watched people find their perfect mates and increase their income a hundredfold. It truly excites me to help others find their given rights to harmony and abundance- especially within minutes!” Paul is convinced that the influence of energy, what the Hawaiian kupuas call mana, is the key. Since everything is energy, it is easy to assume that everything is alive and can be influenced by your own energy patterns, or thoughts. Conversely, however, outside energies have influence on humans as well. Without an interactive awareness and “dance” with life, all of these influences may play havoc on your emotions, stability and health.

How can you interact with the elements or find a message in a bruised hip about your beliefs in life? How do the powers of Huna connect you with your ancestors and other dimensions of time for revealing information about your DNA? The ancient healers knew, and now you can learn as well in The Adventurer’s Quest.

Huna kupua is unique in its practice. The philosophy is simple to understand, with a few similarities to other Nature-based systems, yet embracing many Eastern concepts as well. Its “magic” comes from incorporating the powers of the mind and the forces of Nature to co-create changes in yourself and others. The kupua never works alone, but with the spirits of all that are involved in the healing process. It can not be described as a “power trip,” in that the practitioner must rely on Nature itself to be the primary healer.

The heart of a healer transcends all dogma and rigid systematic procedure. Huna kupua, often called a shamanic tradition, conveys the importance of flexibility in its practice. Those who have studied this system have come from all walks of life, taking its simple principles and applying them in their everyday situations.


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  1. Dear Paul,
    I’ve been interested in Huna for years (I bought a lot of items from your
    site) and your book is absolutely original, deep, passionate, effective and

    It’s a sin that in Italy publishing houses active in alternative
    philosophies are rare and small, but I think you should try to sell The
    Adventurer’s Quest here – perhaps Il Punto d’Incontro… could be interested in it.

    Anyway I’ll see myself if I can find some good publisher for you (I’m a
    translator and a reader for some important publishing houses).

    By the way, if you’ll ever neeed or want some Italian translation (perhaps
    of parts of your beautiful site), I’d be happy to help you – for free, of
    course! Your book just paid me one million spiritual dollars. And, perhaps
    you heard it, Italian Lira isn’t going very well these days…

    With love and appreciation,

  2. Dear Paul,

    Your personal story regarding the power of huna and the power of the
    mind is very inspiring. Right now I’m facing a few challenges in my personal
    life that I am determined to find solutions for by using huna power.
    I’ve read most of Max Freedom Long’s books, and your web site is beautiful. I’m certain many people have been inspired by your own personal success story.
    Keep up the good work…..
    Patricia Nolan Stein
    Burbank, California

    Patricia Nolan Stein

  3. Aloha Paul!

    Many thanks for getting your book to me so quickly. I’m really enjoying it. I like your clear explanation of Huna concepts and am having fun trying your techniques. I will definitely recommend this book to others.

    Tery Drevik

    Tery Drevik

  4. Dear Paul,

    Thank you for writing your book. Very fulfilling. I am only half way through it as I keep reading and re-reading what I have already read.

    You mentioned a process of soul retrieval (sp), Can that be done at a distance or would I need to come to Hawaii?

    Look forward to hearing from you, also what course you recommend I start with….?

    I was a missionary with my wife for 25 years, and lived in China for several years.

    I have since left membership in my church and am in a search mode….Huna is my love as I keep returning to it.

    Take good care…Aloha…
    Chris LaPrath

  5. Dear Paul,

    You’ve really been on our minds lately. We’ve had a very busy and successful year. I know we sent a “thank you” for You Come First last year, but we just had to send another one. This, along with all the books and tapes from Huna By Mail has really been a source of growth and blessing in our lives.

    We’d love to get a chance to meet you. Thanks.

    Lisa & Galen, North Carolina

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