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Sexual assualt cases

The old phrase “boys will be boys” has taken on a new meaning. From Hollywood to Washington to the church to classrooms, and Fox to PBS, there is no hiding the inappropriate behavior of our leaders and idols. When it starts at the top, it is even more egregious. I’m sure millions have been groped around water coolers for decades, and compromised on many a casting couch even longer.
Back in the 60’s there were hookers in the congress and, after a few scandals, the subject was dropped. But, did it ever stop? Some laughed and others made movies of the issue. The sports world has been notorious for this type of behavior for more than a half century. And no, in all areas listed above, it wasn’t always consensual.
Folks, this isn’t anything new, just ask Caligula.
What can be done? How do you stop lust in both men and women? It is not just a testosterone thing, but perhaps, the innate drive of humanity for pleasure and sexual thrill. In  short, you can’t.
Making women walk behind the man as many countries do is not the answer. That is demeaning at best. Stoning one is a bit archaic…didn’t work too well. Lopping off penises and creating eunuchs didn’t work too well, either.

So now what- a new law?  Ruin careers and strip them of their money? Shame them and put them in stockades on the public square? Hey, that may work. At least it will put thousands to work building the wooden stockades. (which may be used for THEM at a later date…) Make America great again?

Boys will be boys and girls will be girls and lust will be here forever. I vote to shame them when they transgress. Start with a wooden stockade outside the White House, and put another on the Hollywood walk of fame. No one is above the law, shame or scorn.

Updated: November 21, 2017 — 6:54 pm

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