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New Beginnings and Fear

I have a constant problem concerning the following topic. Due to having moved because of my husband’s work and having two small children I stayed at home since our move. Formerly I used to work as a homeopath in a practice of someone else. It worked very well. Now I have made the decision to set up my own practice; I want to work again because I love my work, and we could do with some more money as well. But I am stuck with the fear that it might not be a success, that I might not have enough patients or that I might loose them, because I am not good enough. I have lost contact with my power, my resources and the fear is overwhelming me. It is as if my right to live depends on my success. I know what I want but I am stuck by my fears. Can Huna help for me?

It may be good to remember that fear is an emotion concerning the possibilities of the future. First, it is only an emotion. This means that YOU decided to feel it. You can also decide NOT to feel it. I say this because , as of now, I know of no one that can tell me what will happen tomorrow at noon. Can you? Probably not. Your fear, therefore, is a decision you made on how to feel based on an emotion of the possibility of something bad happening to you tomorrow. My question is: What if something great happens to you? What if the decision you make in the new practice brings even more patients than you had before? Are you willing to change your emotion from doubt to confidence for the sake of your success and your family’s well being? Fear of not being good enough normally stems from self esteem. Confidence in yourself. Are you a good practitioner? Have you helped others thusfar? Have they told you? Was your practice successful? If you can answer yes to all of these, then you can take that confident feeling with you into your new practice, with new people, and with new surroundings. Homeopathy works with techniques, just like any other healing system. It works for many, but not all, because all people have different belief systems. No healer is 100% successful, not even Jesus. This is because it is also the responsibility of the healee to beleve in the healing. I would be happy to counsel you on techniques for confidence, but try this first: Say to yourself: “I have the power to be successful”; “I have the right to be successful”; “I have the desire to be successful”; “I have the will to be successful”– as you do this, notice after each phrase if there is a little voice that says “No I don’t!”. If so, then this is the area of your life that you need to give loving support to. You may also try repeating this phrase as often as you can during the day, but at least for 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes 2 other times during the day for a week: “I am a great homeopath, I have always been a great homeopath, I will always be a great homeopath.” You will be repatterning your own belief system as you do this, and the repition will soon bring the confidence you desire to be free of fear. It is also important to have a good advertising campaign to let the new people know you are there and give them a reason for seeing you. Best of luck and may your love of healing be your guide.

Nalu Meditation Tips

When I try to direct my thoughts on one thing for healing, I find my mind starts to wander and I seem to be thinking of many things. How can I keep my mind on one thing?

Focus takes practice. It is not at all uncommon to drift from your original intent. That can be very revealing if you were to pay attention to what you have drifted to, as they have a subconscious relationship. Unfortunately, analyzing does not create healing. So, I suggest that you begin by doing deep breathing to relax and slow down the “mind chatter.” Then, each time your mind starts to wander, gently bring it back to the area of desired focus and move on. This is where the practice comes in, for it may happen frequently until you have established new meditation habits.

For a more intense practice, try this: When you are ready to focus on a certain thing, start by holding your arms out from your shoulders, deeply breathing and affirming “The energy of the universe is flowing through me, I can feel it!” Do this for at least 2-3 minutes or until you feel confident to move ahead. Your subconscious mind will get the message and prepare you for your meditation. When you begin your focus you may want to recite another affirmation about the area you are healing or getting a message from. For example: “I know how it feels to have a healthy body.” You can substitute any body part you wish. If your mind begins to wander, just bring it back gently and continue the visualization. No harm done.

If I do focus on something and get a message, how do I know it is not just wishful thinking?

When you receive a message, “wishful thinking” may become part of your imagination. This is good if you can accept it. Wishful thinking has brought about innumerable physical manifestations when confidence, follow-through and faith have also been applied. The basic difference between psychic ability and wishful thinking is trust. When you learn to trust your answers and act to create that new dream, anything is possible. Most all great inventions and self -healing began as wishful thinking.

Body parts appreciate being blessed and praised. When you show appreciation, love and even humor toward them, they respond by relaxing and healing much faster. Practice blessing all the wonderful things they do and have done for you. Do it often.

In your article in the Psychic Newsletter you said to practice nalu, (a peaceful joining meditation with Nature) with colors, plants, animals, clouds and even soda cans. When I thought of a color, purple came to mind. It is a favorite color of mine; then a lilac flower came, even the aroma of the flower came to mind. Is this what you mean?

When you were practicing the nalu exercise you were getting great input. Your body was receiving messages of sensation such as the aroma from the lilac and visualizing a favorite color. We sometimes do not get words from Nature, but symbols and feelings. You can take it a step further by asking the color, aroma or lilac what it represents in your life, or if it just has a message for you, and then clarify it. Nature is always speaking to us, but nalu helps us hear Her without interference or resistance.

Island Call?

I am very interested in your website. I am part Hawaiian, Maui-born and just returned to the islands after two years in New Zealand. I have a lucrative job offer in Florida and no prospects in Hawaii. My husband and I have two kids and we have to look out for their future. Any thoughts? Confused.

We often hear of “starving” artists who refuse to take conventional jobs because their love of their art is so great that anything else is considered unfulfilling, and therefore unacceptable.Decisions like these are based on what I call the “happiness quotient.” The ku (subconscious, body mind) and lono (conscious, directing mind) must agree on exactly what it will take for harmony in one’s life. Starving is no object when a stronger love or desire exists. Ku wants security, but also receives physical pleasure from beauty and inner peace. Which is more important? Can both be acheived? If not, what state of mind are you willing to focus on to sustain your happiness?

Lono can influence ku with the tool of imagination. Visualizing and involving all your physical senses into a new dream of success and security will help focus on the way your life develops. Combined with pono steps of action, this can create the new dream.When there are many mouths to feed, the security issue looms large, and fear (looking into the future dimly) can greatly influence decisions. Now, all of a sudden, the “new dream” had better manifest itself quickly or we all will suffer!!The dream of staying in Hawaii must be strong enough and clear enough for your ku and lono to agree to do everything possible to stay. This require strong faith and focus that things will work out perfectly, plus any and all actions that support that belief. Doubts–any doubts– will create a resistance to that dream, and its manifestation may be delayed. Since there are many lives involved, a group effort and clarification of this dream by all would help greatly in its maturing. One missing link, such as a disgruntled child who may not get what he/she wants materially (due to the lack of finances) could also influence the energy of the dream.Keeping a clear contact with how you and all involved are truly feeling in these areas of security and happiness will lead you to the best possible decisions regarding these issues at all times.

Distance Healing

Hi, I´ve just sent two healing wishes. This is my second attempt at this opportunity. The first try had been very successful. (Perhaps it had been a help, that I sent healing wishes for everyone in your healing basket myself). It´s good to have this chance, thank you and have a nice day.

Mahalo for your efforts. Thanks to you, and the rest of our global healing ohana (family) many people have witnessed profound changes in health and other personal conditions.

As described in the Principles (located in the Huna Principles section of this site), we have many ways to view the world and interact within it. A very powerful method for helping ourselves, and indeed our world, is through distance healing. Our weekly Healing Circle here on Kauai focuses on that technique by increasing our telepathic connections with other people, places and things that ask for help.

Jesus and others had mastered the process thousands of years ago, yet we often neglect its profundity today. In Matthew: 8 we read of the centurion that came to ask for the healing of his servant lying ill at home. Jesus offered to come to his side, but the centurion asked that He simply say the word and the servant would be healed. And so it was. Many healings were witnessed without the laying on of hands, but from a distance.

Today there are healing methods such as Reiki and Joh Rei that do not require a hands-on effort. We are beginning to relearn the roles that the powers of the mind and the forces of Nature can play in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual recovery. Of utmost importance, as Jesus taught, is faith. This is the unwavering confidence that healing will occur. Focus, intent and blessing will mature the process.

In other paths, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, we find the philosophies state that all things are one. We are connected with everyone and everything. Being connected with all things, we are, in essence, part of the All and can change any part of It to a degree, as we change our own beliefs and visions. Sending healing energy, or blessings, then, becomes a viable way to really “reach out” and help someone.

If you would like to put the names of people, places or things in our Healing Circle please click here and put “healing” in the subject line, with the name(s) in the text area. And, by all means, visualize and bless them on your own!

Unlimited Energy

If I work on visualizing and creating a better job in the here and now, will it take energy away from my ultimate goal: to sell screenplays and short stories and to act?

First, let’s look at the 2nd principle, “There are no Limits.” We live in a universe with unlimited energy, and we ourselves are, as described by quantum physicists, made up of energy. As it is unlimited, so may we be. I say MAY, because energy flows where attention goes, and the more focus you put on an object, job, career, or anything else, the stronger the energy towards it, and the sooner it comes to you in the form of manifestation. When the focus is away from our desires we create a resistance or “blocking” of the energy, often in the forms of fear or doubt. So we say to focus on what you want, and away from what you don’t want.

This does not mean you cannot have more than one project at a time. Most of us are accustomed to doing multiple tasks simultaneously, and with great success. If you are like many, to receive the funding for higher education you probably had to have a temporary job while you were studying and attending classes. What is important is to give each the appropriate attention for you to live harmoniously and happily. If you have an ultimate dream, start dreaming it now. Walk around with it, be around people who do it, talk about it, sleep with it, take it to whatever other work you do and live it as much as possible. The more you can put yourself in that dream the sooner it will manifest. If another line of work is necessary to keep you on track, then do it. There is a man here who has written over 40 books, but had been working in a factory the last couple of years to support himself and his family. Keeping his focus, a new book offer came up just recently and he quit the other job because his 1st love manifested. The idea is, then, to focus on your ultimate goal, doing whatever it takes to reach it.

The only time energy is “taken away” (actually diverted) from your goal is when you shift your focus. If another project or job truly supports your path to a higher goal, i.e. taking on a second job for physical security, it is using only physical energy, and that can be regenerated with enthusiasm for your ultimate goal. If fear and doubt take your time, then you have given focus and authority to them with energy, and they cannot provide you with results; hence you will feel weakened.

Your present job and higher goal are both happening in the here and now, simultaneously, and the energy of each is directly proportionate to your focus, motivation and excitement. One situation will not appear to take energy or time from another unless fear or doubt is present to restrict it. By reaffirming you confidence in yourself and your ultimate goal, there will be no more room for fears to reside, and plenty of energy for all your endeavors.

Divination and the Pendulum

I have just started studying Huna and the use of the pendulum, which on the first attempts seemed to know exactly what it was doing and I am suspicious that I have done this a lot in a prior life. Here’s my question: Why doesn’t it work when I have my eyes closed and am not looking at it? My husband challenged me to do this and it didn’t work no matter how hard I tried. I even asked my low self using the pendulum if it just didn’t like to be tested this way, and it said “No.” So what gives?

The pendulum, as any other divining tool or instrument, works with your subconscious, or body mind. I do not prefer to call it the “low self” as Max Long put it, but that’s another story for another time.

The first thing one must do before operating the pendulum is to get in tune with it. This is done by asking it what its movements for “yes” and “no” are, then asking it if you are in tune. Remember first and foremost, that you are contacting a part of yourself that holds all of your fellings of doubts as well as confidences. Its answer will only be in accordance with what you are feeling at the time you ask.

In other words, if you subconscious mind has doubts that you will or will not get an answer with you eyes closed, you will not receive a clear answer, until your conscious mind directs otherwise. Even then, you may or may not get a reliable answer. I therefore suggest that you put all expectation of an answer aside before you begin. The easiest way to do this is to relax and focus on your breathing for a minute or two until all the “mind chatter” disappears. I must say that it is much more difficult to get a strong answer with the eyes closed, as the subconscious is trying to relate a perception, or “picture signal” of your beliefs through a physical movement. To perceive is to “see” or sense. When your eyes are closed you often see other images in your mind that may distract the focus from the pendulum and specific question. Until your confidence in the tool is more established and your focus clearer, little to no movement will occur. I, too, witness only slight movemment in the pendulum with my eyes closed when I ask even the simplest of questions like “Is the ocean wet?” and “Do pigs fly?” I just don’t do it very often, feeling more confident with my eyes open.

So what gives is mostly confidence in the tool, which comes from practice, and strong focus on the instrument for maximal movement. Don’t worry, you will soon be able to use it with your eyes closed.

Huna and Magick

I am interested in magical-occult-metaphysical path working. I want to cast my own spells, ritual spells, that are of high white magick The use of spells, talismans, sacred words and prayer invocations is what I want to use to help myself. Do you sell Spell Kits? I am living in an odd, hopeless (it seems) situation. Great crushing setbacks, poverty and sorrows are part of my life. Please reply to me.

Sorry, we don’t sell “Spell Kits.” Talismans, or objects of magical powers, may be any meaningful item that you wish. Many use the rabbit’s foot, crystals, wands or other tools that may help keep the focus on what is desired in life. I suggest that you find an object that symbolizes what you want and carry it with you, put it in a designated sacred space, and meditate or work with it frequently. I often carry crystals or colored semi-precious stones as reminders of personal changes I want to make. Colors may also be helpful in representing certain areas of your life. Our system uses the colors of the rainbow for a great vareity of emotional and physical healing issues.

Sacred words and prayer invocations are no different. Chants, mantras, spell casting and the like are those phrases that most accurately describe the state of being in which you would be. If I were to recite an ancient Hawaiian chant for spiritual guidance, for example, unless you had a deep understanding of the words and their symbolism, they would be nothing but mere words in a foreign language to your ears. It is important to get a clear picture in your mind of what you would like in your life and affirm that with whatever phrase you create to aid in its manifestation. As it is your dream, it is best to use your own words and your own talisman to be effective. Then trust that it will occur as you dream it and act it out in the physical world. These tools may be very effective when you empower them with your own inner strength and authority.

Rituals are used every day by most people to achieve a desired condition. Your Sunday church service is a ritual. Business meetings are set in a very similar format. We often talk of our individual “morning rituals” to start our days. After the ritual we are in the frame of mind to move forward in that particualr area of life. Magical ritual is similar. Here, you designate a sacred space, find objects to represent your goal or objective, state or affirm your intentions to the universe, God, High Self, or spirit of your choice, create symbolic actions in the ritual to show its fruition, and close with a positive statement that it is so. Ritual can be very effective when it reaches the depths of the subconscious mind and physical action ensues. The affirmation alone is your conviction to yourself and the world that you will do everything as best you can to acheive your goal. To begin using them, you may want to think of an effective ritual in your experience, use it as a template, and substitute your own words, desires and actions as its body.

I have sent you a list of workshops that may help you in this area. If you would like more, please visit the Netdreams page of this site.


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