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Starting a Healing Circle


When I lived  on Kauai, I created a Thursday Evening Healing Circle, where members of the community gather their collective energies for the benefit of people, places and things throughout the world that have asked for assistance.

Healings range from curing cancer to bringing rain or instant healing for participants. Emails come from around the world and  prayers are sent accordingly. May your prayers be heard as well from wherever you are.

Emails also came daily from those sharing their stories of miraculous healings and encouraging progress. I shared those with the attendees so we could measure our results. Below is a sample of how we did it:


The symbol below is connected through the aka web to an identical symbol in the Healing Basket at our Center on Kauai. To send a healing to the people whose names are in the Healing Basket, think of a quality such as Peace, Love, Strength or Harmony–along with an image if you like–and click on the symbol, then add it to the email space provided. ( I had a copy of the picture in the bottom of our healing basket and the names of those who wanted healing on pieces of paper above it)


by Paul Waters

Whenever working with distance healing techniques, I recommend relaxation and centering before doing any technique. So, for this month’s meditation, I would like for you to get in a comfortable position, take a few deep breaths and relax.

For the next few moments, get in touch with your body. As you continue breathing, focus on your entire body, starting at the head, moving through your facial area, down to the shoulders and arms, to the chest, then to the center of the body and down each leg to the toes. Take your time and just experience the sensations.

Affirm to yourself: “I have a body energy… I can feel it!”

Rest with that energy.

Now, pay attention to your mind. Again, affirm: “I have a mental energy… I can feel it!”

Rest with that mental energy.

Next, affirm to yourself: “I have an emotional energy…I can feel it!”

Rest with that emotional energy.

Focus now on the crown of your head, breathing in with attention there, and exhaling with your attention on the heavens above.

After a few deep breaths, affirm: “I have a spiritual energy…I can feel it!” Let yourself move into that spirit, and rest with it.

Take this spiritual energy now, and send it to another place in your body, mind, emotions or to another person anywhere in the world. Feel the spiritual energy moving into this person or place. If you can, get an image or feeling of its movement.

Bless the spirit within all things, your mental abilities, your emotional strengths and your physical strengths. Let them flow to another person, place or thing, allowing them to experience your love and blessings for them.

Do this for as long as you wish, and for whomever you wish to give strength and healing.

For your circle, If others have a healing meditation they would like to share, let them email it to you and you can post it for the benefit of everyone.



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