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Hailona- The Art of Creative Intuition


Most every culture throughout the world has its divining techniques. Some use the I Ching, some use pendulums, others use dowsing rods and some tarot cards, just to name a few. In Hawaii, one of many methods for tuning in to one’s intuition is called hailona. Its literal meaning is divination, or to cast, but its process for casting stones is found in the roots of the word.


Ha is the word meaning the breath, or to energize;

I means to affirm or state intent;

Lo (lo’o) means to obtain; and

Na is to be peaceful and calm.

We see, then, that the steps for getting intuitive answers from our ku (body mind; subconscious) is first to breathe and energize. Most any deep breathing technique will do, as the purpose is to relax the body, send a signal to the ku that something special is about to take place, and build a charge of energy and confidence throughout the body. Second, affirm what you want to know in the form of a question. This allows the ku to search the universe (assuming it is connected with all things, physical and ethereal) and focus on the question at hand. The third principle of the Huna philosophy applies here. It states that energy flows where attention goes, thus, your focus will create an energy connection with your answer. Thirdly, you will cast the stones to obtain your answer; then, lastly, you will receive an intuitive answer without force or expectations. Force and expectation will impede that natural flow of energy, whereas remaining calm and accepting what you receive without any attempt to influence will produce a more effective reading.

There are many ways to use stone casting for divination, but the easiest to start with is the yes/no technique. Simply take three stones, empowering one as the answer yes, another as the answer no, and the other as the neutral stone. If you have colored stones it may be easier, but it is not necessary. Then, energize, ask your question, throw the stones, and receive your answer. The stone that lands closest to the neutral stone gives you your answer.

Casting stones is an ancient technique seen in many cultures, but far from the only way of divining. Just like tools for carpentry, you can add this technique to your pool of intuitive aids for success. There are many variations of casting stones at your disposal should you care to research. Blessings.

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