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Huna, Hawaiian Lore, and Today with Paul Waters

Principles of Huna

Serge King, noted author, international speaker, and recognized authority on Huna wisdom, has handed down a concise system for healing based on seven Hawaiian words given to him by his Hawaiian “family” (ohana). They came from a kupua- roughly equivalent to a shamanic- lineage and adopted him while in his teens, realizing his potential in the craft. I will liberally use the word healer (instead of shaman) to represent this healing modality, though by most Hawaiian scholars it is not totally interchangeable with all of their healing practices. Kahuna healers had many names depending on their specialties. Because of the language barrier, there are no literal English translations of these words, so primary phrases and corollaries are given for better Western understanding. As a painter or musician’s work cannot often be put into words, so the beauty and flowing construct of the Hawaiian language is not readily translatable, but more easily felt. They are given here in the spirit of education and perpetuation.

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