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Principles of Huna: Principle 1 Ike – The World is What you Think it is

1. Ike- The world is what you think it is

Truly the cornerstone of all deep healing practice, your world is a reflection of your beliefs. In 1400, for example, everyone in Europe believed the world was flat. Centuries before, they thought the Sun orbited the Earth. For people in those times, those were the undisputed facts. We may think we know it all today, but we know only what we are aware of. The world is what we think. As we change out perception, our awareness, so our world changes as well.

This is a particularly important principle for healing. Norman Cousins, the very popular author of Anatomy Of An Illness many decades ago showed us how “spontaneous remission” could occur by changing one’s outlook, or belief of transforming illness to health. Multitudes of examples exist. Think for a moment of important changes that you have made through becoming aware of other options in your life.

A. Everything is a dream

While the world is what you think it is, the healer goes a step deeper. You are always dreaming. Everything in your awareness is a reflection of you and your beliefs. Memories, nightmares, today’s lunch, tomorrow’s meeting- all are dreams. You can dream about a cheeseburger at your desk or late at night in your bed. You, through your beliefs, literally dream your life into being. But aren’t they real? Of course! To the sensitive healer dreams are real and reality is a dream. I like to think of it more as a movie with you being the writer, director and star of the show. This life is your movie, so if it is not as you like it, stand back, rewrite, and perform the new script in harmony with the other actors.

(Remember, it’s their movie, too.)

B. All systems are arbitrary

Ever see a happy zealot? Me neither. Devoted, insistent, and ardent perhaps, even well intentioned, but not happy. Why? It is because everyone else’s world is not what they think it should be. From the ideas that the world is what you think it is and everything is a dream, the deeper healer understands the individuality of all beings and the infinite possibilities that exist. Healing comes from within the beliefs of the individual, not the healer’s (nor anyone else’s) concepts or tenets. Truth, then, becomes an individual decision. Regardless of the system you use- and there are thousands out there- ultimate truth and happiness is what you think it is, and it’s attainment comes from one, or a blend of, any and all systems that are effective. Needless to say, Huna, too, is a system, yet the understanding of this corollary allows the healer freedom to work within the framework of the healee to be most effective.

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