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Civil War

I am not a political junkie, nor am I one to blame others for their actions. They are who they are and they do what they do, often without the same rules as I live by. It is apparent, however, that the United States is in a civil war.  Friends against friends, family members against family members, race against race, and so much more division in society.

It seems the moral and conscious fiber of the nation has deteriorated in the past 18 months toward chaos. I wonder if this is intentional, as the President wanted to shake things up and his party has stood by, all but steadfast.- Or, are the irrefutable lies that flow from the administration draining the “swamp” and replacing it with toxins the caliber of cyanide. The struggle to remain aloof and enjoy an emperor’s status has already been challenged and is soon to fail. (OK, I am not the greatest psychic, but intuition is a pretty strong suit of mine) A new tailor is in town and the clothes will be fashioned shortly.

The real issue is, how the lies and slander affect the sheep of the country. The followers who were taught to trust and let the lawmakers do their jobs. The blind faith folk who work every day, live from check to check and end up in a bar every afternoon to forget about the crap at the job they had for the past 10 hours. Good, honest people who are told something and have no time nor inclination to do research on the lines they are fed.

Enter Facebook, Twitter, and the other REAL “fake news” outlets who were (and still are), bought and sold by advertising dollars. Hey, who cares where it comes from, you’ll read it and get an impression and then send it on to all your “friends” who don’t know if it has any merit, but still send it on ad infinitum.

This is flat ignorance. Ignoring what may or may not be true. Ignoring what you are giving (or poisoning) another mind with. Ignoring what the inner feeling YOU have about the subject after being swayed by such strong words and spin. Baaaa….baaaaa.

Hence we have a civil war. Begun by a disruptive and chaotic administration, lying, accusing anyone but himself of wrongdoing, inciting divisional thoughts and actions, and incapable of making decisions to help the country come together, and keep a respectable, prominent place the world. NOT ONLY MY OPINION, but that of a majority of world leaders. And the war will not end until logic and caring prevail. Such as what we do when hurricanes hit. We come together. There is a hurricane larger than ever experienced in the history of this country blowing in the White House. It will not abate until we put it out to sea. We must look again at our neighbors, friends, families and all races with consideration, respect, and yes, love. We were much better off 1 year ago. Never perfect and with many trials and tribulations to overcome, but at least there was dialog and laws passed to help the poor, to keep a middle class, to maintain honesty and integrity. This has disappeared of late.

Remember, you cannot live this life in little tribes. Cave men did that, city-states did that, then learned and evolved. I guess we have to relearn how to live together.

For you on top of the heap in Washington, it’s called bipartisanship. Not just a banner you fly, but a flame in your hearts that will never die. For you next door, love thy neighbor as thyself.

Updated: January 19, 2018 — 3:49 pm

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